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Industrial Paints

High Performance Protective Coatings

Protecton range was refurbished keeping in mind global emissions of volatile organic compounds and by introducing high volume solids paints, solvent - less paints, water based paints and such coatings which could offer excellent protection against corrosion for a longer period of time for both steel and concrete infrastructure in the most aggressive conditions. A few of the products are listed here and the detailed technical data sheet is available up on request.

Epilux- The Range of Epoxies

With a wide range to cater to all challenges of environments given here are a few world class products to choose from for the most aggressive conditions - primers, intermediates, mastics, linings and finishes.

The new generation construction primer meets the constraints of fabrication yard with quick or the extremely delayed over-coating interval. Cured with a tough phenalkamine hardener it offers an able replacement to the costly zinc rich solutions while maintaining the long duration accelerated weathering aggressive salt spray tests proving its corrosion resistance as second best to galvanizing. Dry film thicknesses of 75 to 150 microns are easily achieved in a single coat with compatibility to a range of top coats to choose from depending on the service condition.
Better the impermeability the longer the delay in corrosion ingress; wherever blast cleaning is impossible or prohibited as in oil rigs/ platforms, the need for a surface tolerant epoxy coating is highly imperative; self priming property coupled with the impermeable film development with reinforcement of lamellar type glass flakes and compatibility to a wide range of top coats makes it suitable for application on structural steel and pipelines in refineries, chemical units, off-shore platform as an ideal surface tolerant maintenance coating with a capability of building dry film thickness of up to 500 microns of a tough film single coat and a flexibility to wide range of topcoats.

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